Here's what all you kernel hackers have dreamed of: an x86 system simulator running under GNU/Linux! The simulated system contains an AMD64 technology-enabled chip, RAM, disks, and VGA. You can single-step the CPU, peek at registers and memory, and lots of other fun stuff. You can run 64-bit and 32-bit GNU/Linux, can play with 64-bit mode, and you can debug those pesky kernel bugs without having to hard-boot your hardware all the time.

Assembly Includes

AMD has made available some assembly code definitions that might be useful in developing kernel and/or driver code. These definitions provide assembly code definitions for structures that map directly onto the hardware, such as the processor TSS structures. These assembly files are written for the MASM assembler.

To download the files, you have to agree to the license agreement.


Please use the latest official releases of GCC, glibc, and binutils.