[discuss] RFC: Support IEEE 754R draft in the x86-64 psABI

Menezes, Evandro evandro.menezes at amd.com
Tue May 16 17:27:46 CEST 2006


> > Yet, it is something that the user has to care about.  I agree that 
> > adding yet another thing to care about is a burden, but IEEE754 
> > created this situation by endorsing two DFP formats.  Whichever, if 
> > any, is fixed as the default for x86/x86-64 is immaterial to this 
> > burden.  The user will always have to wonder which format 
> the DFP data
> is in.
> Not if the original format is the only one that's used externally. 

I see the value of defaulting to a single format, that's why I think that one should be defined the default for x86/x86-64.  However, which one is a judgment call and we're trying to weigh performance aspects on x86/x86-64 to make this decision.


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