[PATCH] [0/3] x86_64: mce_amd support for future processor

shin, jacob jacob.shin at amd.com
Wed May 17 20:22:41 CEST 2006

The following three patches will extend mce_amd support for
future AMD processors.  The userspace tool mcelog will be
patched in the near future.

1. x86_64: mce_amd relocate sysfs files
	- this patch migrates mce_amd sysfs files found in
	  /sys/devices/system/threshold/threshold%d to

2. x86_64: apic support for extended apic interrupt LVT
	- this patch supports extended LVT added to future
	  AMD processors.  Threshold interrupt uses 0x500.

3. x86_64: mce_amd mce thresholding support for family
	     0x10 processors.
	- this patch supports threshold registers to be
	  added in AMD family 0x10 processors.

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